The VOIP Pack

What is The VOIP Pack?

Despite moving a lot of our social interactions to text and video, anyone that runs a business knows clients often need to call you. So are you going to give them your personal phone number, for them to call at any hour of the day or night? There's a better option:

A toll-free number

We'll provide you with a real toll-free number accessible anywhere in North America, so that you can provide a professional looking phone number to your clients.

Set office hours

We'll setup office hours that work for you, such as Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, so that clients can only call you during those hours.

Custom prompts and flow

We can add a large array of options, such as prompts and call forwarding, so you can have an automated prompt with your company name first, before the call gets forwarded to your personal phone. You can also set prompts for if your phone is offline, or forward to different numbers based on time of day.

Next steps...

Once delivered, you'll be responsible for the upkeep, including maintenance and hosting. Or, we can host it for you with our low monthly plan.

Find your new number today

Fill this form to initiate the process. You will be contacted by email within 24h with feedback about your project, and any other information we need from you to complete the task. The base cost of this pack is $95 plus taxes, plus any monthly option you pick. You can decide on payment methods on the next page.

Contact us at or by phone at (877) 769-5507 if you have any question.


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