The Startup Pack

What is The Startup Pack?

Crafted for individual entrepreneurs or small startups, this pack is perfect to bootstrap your online presence. It gives you everything you need to get started, delivering a key-in-hand solution, or optionally we can provide managed hosting for a low monthly cost. Here's how it works:

Your own web site

We will register a custom domain name for you and setup a simple static portfolio, Shopify or Wordpress web site for you at to provide an online presence on the web. Or, if you already have a blog or website, your domain will redirect to your existing site.

A professional email address

People will be able to send you email at which will then be forwarded to your personal Gmail or Hotmail address, providing you with a much more professional email to give to your clients.

Technical assistance

A tech expert will be there over email or the phone to answer your questions related to your online presence during the process.

Next steps...

The package will be delivered for you to manage once everything is ready, or optionally we can keep managing your online presence for a low monthly cost.

Ready to start?

Fill this form to initiate the process. You will be contacted by email within 24h with feedback about your project, and any other information we need from you to complete the task. The base cost of this pack is $149 plus taxes, plus any monthly option you pick. You can decide on payment methods on the next page.

Contact us at or by phone at (877) 769-5507 if you have any question.


About Us

Dendory Capital is an AWS and Microsoft partner, here to provide useful services for a low cost, giving you a higher ROI than you would get hiring an internal team. Our goal is to assist you in an efficient and successful manner with our certified experts. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using any of our services.