The DevOps Pack

What is The DevOps Pack?

DevOps is the idea of pairing development with operations. By using automation tools, it enables businesses to deploy code, whether that be web sites or other cloud apps, in a repeatable, efficient and safe manner. By removing the manual steps, DevOps speeds everything up and makes it a lot less likely to make mistakes. This pack is perfect for entrepreneurs or small startups who need an easy to use, simple pipeline to deploy their apps. This is how it works:

Code starts in GitHub

GitHub is where most of the world's code resides. By committing your code to a git repository, you trigger a CI/CD pipeline that we'll write for you.

Travis CI keeps the pipeline alive

Once a change is pushed to GitHub, the Travis CI dashboard detects it and builds your application. Once it builds, and tests are successful, it triggers the deployment, updating your live app. This ensures that all tests are done correctly, and your production is only affected when the update is ready to go.

Deployment to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Beanstalk is an AWS service that automatically provisions the hardware needed to run your app. Once the pipeline triggers, the update is deployed directly to your production servers, potentially in multiple locations around the globe.

Next steps...

The deliverables will be the pipeline, the Travis CI integration, and the Beanstalk environment for you to host. Optionally, managed hosting can be provided so we continue hosting your app in the cloud for an extra monthly fee.

Start your pipeline today

Fill this form to initiate the process. You will be contacted by email within 24h with feedback about your project, and any other information we need from you to complete the task. The base cost of this pack is $149 plus taxes, plus any monthly option you pick. You can decide on payment methods on the next page.

Contact us at or by phone at (877) 769-5507 if you have any question.


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