The Cloud Audit Pack

What is the Cloud Audit pack?

Audits allow a business to ensure that their resources have been inspected by a third party, and a number of items were checked. We provide comprehensive cloud auditing, covering over 100 data points over a period of one week, with actionable results. This is how it works:

All your Azure and AWS environments

Our audit package covers one week of work in any of your Azure and AWS cloud environments, with the base pricing being for a single environment. We'll require temporary read access to your cloud console for the audit period.

Over 100 data points

Our specialists will cover over 100 items, taking extensive notes of where your environments break with industry norms. This includes things like security, cost, governance and more.

An actionable report

At the end of the audit, a comprehensive report will be delivered, containing actionable results. This includes things like where security has to be fixed, where you can save money by using reserved instances or shutting down unused resources, etc.

Rinse and repeat

An audit should ideally be done once a year, and the previous report can be used to see whether your environment has improved over the time period.

Begin the audit

Fill this form to initiate the process. You will be contacted by email within 24h with feedback about your project, and any other information we need from you to complete the task. The base cost of this pack is $495 plus taxes, per cloud environment. You can decide on payment methods on the next page.

Contact us at or by phone at (877) 769-5507 if you have any question.


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