Dendory Capital

Our custom services

Our team of consultants provides a number of services for large and small businesses all around the world. Projects can be crafted with a fixed price, or go with a hourly base rate of $75/h.

Web hosting

We can host web sites or web apps in the AWS or Azure cloud, either for small sites on shared infrastructure or large web apps requiring global presence. This can be custom designed content, on Wordpress, Shopify and more. We can also host custom apps requiring Docker, CDNs, media streaming and more.

Cloud deployments

We can deploy content to the AWS and Azure clouds, either for a brand new environment or migrations of existing environments, including hybrid clouds. This is always done using infrastructure-as-code, and we can either manage the environment or deliver the deployed environment as is.


From deploying CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code, and containers using Jenkins, Amazon CodePipeline or Azure DevOps, we can make sure your developers will deploy code quicker and easier than ever before.

Security and Auditing

Whether you have to meet a specific government norm, or you just want to make sure your resources are following best practices, we can offer custom audits adapted to your needs.

Working with experts

Dendory Capital is an AWS and Microsoft partner, and we have trained experts to work on your projects, so you can be sure that we provide the best service you can expect. Also, because we automate everything and work with infrastructure-as-code, it means things get done faster, at a lower cost for you.
Our entire infrastructure is state of the art, using best practices with multiple backups being done daily, all sensitive data kept on encrypted disks with two-factor authentication access, logs and we have liability insurance to cover all the work we do.
We're always available over email or phone to help with any technical issue you encounter while the project is underway, and we provide transparent billing so you know exactly what you pay for.

Contact us at or by phone at (877) 769-5507 if you have any question.


About Us

Dendory Capital is a technology company started in 2019 by Patrick Lambert, a DevOps specialist with over 15 years of tech experience in large financial organizations. Since then, we've created a team of experts to help meet all of our client's needs.

Dendory Capital is an AWS and Microsoft partner, here to provide useful services for a low cost, giving you a higher ROI than you would get hiring an internal team. Our goal is to assist you in an efficient and successful manner with our certified experts. Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using any of our services.